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About Us


Connect-IO Dedicated Team of Professionals

is a dedicated team of professionals that works with clients, big and small, to deliver the best possible software development results. Based in Phoenix, AZ, we work with a number of companies to provide them with top-notch services.

We are trained, knowledgeable and experienced in all that we do. As a team, we all work together to offer our strengths to get the project done. If there is ever something that one of us cannot seem to figure out, the other is easily able to do just that.

With an emphasis in software development, we also provide cyber security that can help you keep your website and pages free from viruses and other issues that you might encounter during this time.

Feel confident and comfortable working with us. Let us know how we can help you. Ask questions to the entire team here at Connect-IO.

How We Came To Be

Owner of Connect-IO Micah Mangione

Owner Micah Mangione speaks from the heart about why he started the company.

"In 2011, we entered into a business venture with the purpose of reselling used medical lab equipment online.

The vision for our ecommerce site was metaphorically like the successful eBay model, but specifically for selling this specialized equipment.

We hired a tech/software company to build our ecommerce site, and were excited to see this idea become a reality. This site was going to be the foundation of our business.

After many attempts at development, the tech/software company failed to build the functional site that they promised. We were left in a tough financial situation because we had a fixed budget and limited time. Basically, both time and money were in short supply.

We experienced various problems with the software company, the most prevalent being their lack of transparency. They over-promised and under-delivered, misquoted timelines and added additional costs that weren't initially discussed.

Necessity is the mother of all invention, so I began reading books on software development from the library and decided to build the software myself.

This was before YouTube and the extensive online access we have today, but the end result of my efforts was a functional website.

Despite this software success, the company vision didn't come to fruition in the long run because we ran out of money. We couldn't launch the product, but all was not lost.

In fact, a new vision emerged. I decided to focus on software development. This disappointing experience is what led me down the pathway to who we are and what we do today."

Connect-IO Application Development

"I realized I had a true passion for building software and went to work for a venture capital firm building software for startups that they acquired. It was during this period that I discovered my experience with the tech company was not unique. I relived my same startup failure over and over in dealing with these newly acquired companies.

The most common problem they faced was the minimally-functional and poorly-implemented software these companies were using. We often had to tear the coding apart and rebuild it. Essentially, we had to start from scratch.

When working with the venture capital firm, I witnessed at least 12-15 startups per year fail due to poorly implemented software.

I was tired of seeing so many ideas fail and I wanted to make more of an impact. I saw these small businesses at a very fragile point in their development being taken advantage of by other companies.

My experience with the venture capital firm showed me that I needed to start a software company rooted in integrity: a software company focused on solving the real struggles most consumers face while trying to implement their ideas.

That's why we are so passionate about helping small companies. We see that many are being taken advantage of, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We see new businesses so often spend money they can't afford without getting the results they need. Time is money and often they run out of both."

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